Geshe Lharampa Kalsang Rabgyal

                    Spiritual Director

            Drepung Gomang Institute

 Now a days, Stupas are built  to dispel natural disasters, conflicts among nations and abuses of human rights. In these times adversities are so prominent like waves of ocean and hard to endure by sights and ears.

 Stupas are also built to commemorate great spiritual leaders of our times.  Building a Stupa will be of immense benefit in promoting global peace, love and compassion!  

 Dr. Paul Pearson

Director, The Thomas Merton Center

              Bellarmine University

  His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Thomas Merton had three lengthy meetings in November 1968 after which Merton wrote:

 "It was a warm and cordial discussion and at the end I felt we had become very good friends… I feel a great respect and fondness for him as a  person and believe, too that there is a real spiritual bond between us. "

  The Dalai Lama said that it was Thomas Merton who “introduced [him] to the real meaning of the word “Christian” and who opened up for him the possibility of deep and genuine dialog between those of different faiths.