Contemplative Garden at Spalding University is being built for all who live and visit our compassionate city, Louisville, Kentucky.

The Contemplative Garden

The story of Thomas Merton and the 14th Dalai Lama's friendship is brief yet powerful. A humble Gesthemani monk travels to Asia in the late 1960's on a quest for broadening his understanding of spirituality. Over three encounters, these two visionary individuals from different corners of the world and historically opposing spiritual backgrounds, forged a deep friendship based on openness and understanding that is honored by the Dalai Lama to this day.

It is with this spirit and love that the Contemplative Garden is being built as a public touch stone for what is  good and positive in the world. Compassion Park invites us to pause and contemplate the goodness of mankind and a world of peace and well-being.

 Upon entering from the north stands a twenty-seven foot high monument (called a stupa) containing personal artifacts belonging to renowned compassionate individuals from around the world including Thomas Merton and Mother Teresa. Also housed within will be thousands of personally crafted wishes for world peace, prayers, mantras and items that represent happiness and wellbeing.

Surrounding this monument will be a circular sitting wall and meditative walking path with areas for meditation and contemplation. 

The Contemplative Garden will offer an oasis of peace, beauty and nature in the midsts of an urban landscape. The Garden will be located at 838 South 4th Street on the campus of Spalding University in the heart of downtown Louisville. As one of the first two certified compassionate universities in the United States, Spalding University has allocated space for the Garden, now dedicated specifically for this purpose.

The Contemplative Garden is seeking individuals and organizations eager to be involved and supportive in the compassionate movement of which the city of Louisville has taken a leadership role alongside communities from around the globe.

This project will be funded solely by private donations. 100% of all received donations will be applied directly to the construction and maintenance of the park.

The Contemplative Garden will begin construction in July 2018,.